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Looking for stores that sell soap making supplies?

Thu, Dec 11, 2008

Assorted Batch

I am looking for local stores that sell soap making supplies. I live in Bergen County, NJ and would like to be able to find some stores. What would be the best way to research this?

The best way to research your project would be to first decide what soap making supplies you'll be needing, and make a list. Then start checking out stores either by visiting them or calling to get your prices and availability. In some instances, you might actually be better off, financially to order some of your supplies over the net.

I would also recommend going online or to the local library and reading several different sources for soap making. There are so many different ways to make soap and lots of different kinds of soaps to make. You can do melt and pour, which is the easiest thing in the world to do. You can do cold process soap, which needs your full attention because you're dealing with lye and have to pay attention to temps. of oils, and lye/water mixture. You can even do milled soaps which is actually taking already made soap, grating it, adding a little water, then heating it back to it's liquid form and remolding it. This process is easy, but a little time consuming.

Here are some links to soap making and supplies that I used when I first started making soaps. These are both cold process recipes and melt & pour recipes.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!!

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