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Soap Making with Goat’s Milk. How do I make my bars last longer?

Tue, Dec 9, 2008

Assorted Batch

I am currently in the process of making and testing bars of soap. I plan on selling them. The scent is terrific but for some reason, the bars do not last as long as regular bars. I am not using lye as I want my soap to be natural. I am using goats milk soap base, shea butter, and fragrance. Please help.

Both of these answers are great, and yes, someone used LYE to make your base. As a soap maker, I did melt and pour once, and the bars melted only after a few showers. I didn't like them at all. Plus, I always seem to find an ingredient or two I don't want in soap when I search for soap bases. Cold Process (CP) soapmaking allows soapers to know exactly what is going into their soaps. I also make base soaps to rebatch/handmill, and again I know what is in my base. Plus, rebatch is fun for the children since the lye has been neutralized. I also find that premade bought bases with goat's milk and coconut milk seem to melt faster than other bases in the shower, the reason I don't buy premade bases. I bought some hemp oil base, and the bar was gone after about six or seven showers! UGH! I even added cocoa butter to a base, and it still melted in the shower much faster than my cp soaps. Just remember, no lye, no soap, no lie! Perhaps if you reword your ? you might get more answers from people who do melt & pour. Something like, "I'm making soap from a goat's milk base. How do I make my bars last longer?" or specifically ask, "I'm doing melt & pour from a goat's milk base. How do I make the bars last longer than???" Good luck, and maybe check and see if there are any melt & pour soap groups at Yahoo or one of the other sites with groups like MSN or Google. Please let us know if you find a way to make your bars harder. I'd like to know. Happy New Year! :)

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