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What kind of soap making is better to do if you want to go into business ?

Sun, Dec 7, 2008

Assorted Batch

I want to go into the soap making business. I've been doing research on the internet and have order some books being that I'm a beginner and have no experience. My quesiton is what method should I use? I've read about melt and pour and cold process and hot process but I'm not sure which one is best for a small business. I want to sell other things besides soap such as bath and body products jewelry, and candles. I'm a beginner to everything so I need all the help I can get. Any advice would be appriciated.

I love cold processed soap too.
Before you dive head on into a home based business, make sure you read up on each oil and how it can affect the skin.
Also do all your pricing; cost of goods, equipment, business licence, your government tax forms, cost of setting up a professional website, cost of getting someone to list your site on search engines, getting your company name copywritten…

Start small, and work your way up.
If you start big – not knowing what you're doing – you could end up losing big…

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