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When making soap, how can I attach something to the surface when using a 3D mold?

Wed, Jan 14, 2009

Assorted Batch

I am attempting to make soap using a 3D contoured soap mold. I want something to be affixed to the top when finished. I know how to add items to soap when they are in a standard mold before they are set, but how to I accomplish this with a two-piece mold?
I believe when using a 3D mold, the outside surfaces are actually encased (not exposed) by the two-piece mold and not actually exposed until set. In other words, you pour the soap into two separate cavities and they are bound together until the soap sets. An example of what I am speaking about can be found at the following webite:

You can also use a brush to paint on a thin layer of soap add your decorations and when dry bind the two halves of the mold together and pour as usual. Good luck…………..

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