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Where is the cheapest place online to purchase soap making supplies?

Thu, Jan 8, 2009

Assorted Batch

I have recently taken up soap making as a hobby. Can someone tell me the cheapest place online to purchase supplies such as molds, fragrances and such?

Thanks so much!

The best place that I've found for carrier oil:
Soaper's Choice –
Sam's club or Costco for large quantities of soybean, canola and olive oils
If you know someone that has a business, Restaurant Depot is a great place for coconut, olive, soybean, canola, etc. oils in large quantities

The best places that I've found for everything else:
Brambleberry –
Camden Grey –
Ellen's Essentials –
Fragrance and Flavors –
Wellington Fragrance Company –$C9$84$
Majestic Mountain Sage –
Pine Meadows –
Southern Soapers –

These are websites that I go to when I need specific essential oils, fragrance oils, colorants and botanicals. What you can't find at one the other may have.

I found that it's best to buy lye locally if you can, unless you're planning on buying large quantities. Most home improvement centers carry lye. My local sources in Franklin, WI (a suburb of Milwaukee) are: Lowe's, Blain's Farm & Fleet, Mill's Fleet Farm & Menards. You can find it in the plumbing areas of those stores. Make sure that you check the label and it says that it's 100% sodium hydroxide (lye). The brand that I purchase the most is Roebic 2 Lbs. Heavy Duty Crystal Drain Opener. The other brand is ROOTO CRYSTALS OF HOUSEHOLD LYE DRAIN OPENER in a 1 lb. container.

Best of luck with your new hobby.

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